Alternative Wedding Planer

You have started your wedding planning journey; you’ve got the budget, picked a date, chosen a theme and found the unique venue that matches your vibe for the day. But how do you pick the right wedding suppliers for you as a couple? There are so many out there that

Wedding Traditions in the UK


An odd one from me you might be thinking, talking about wedding traditions in the UK but how are you, as a couple, supposed to know which ones you can take out, as you didn’t realise they weren’t a legal requirement. Or which ones to keep or change if you


To heel or not to heel? That is the question when it comes to thinking about your wedding day and the wedding outfit. When choosing or going for a fitting they suggest to take the type of shoe or height you will be wearing on the day so automatically you

Wedding Favour Ideas


There are loads of ideas you can give your guests as wedding favours. Gifts that tie in with your theme, items that remind your guests of you and your partner. Donations in their name to a local charity or just something that takes your fancy. Here are some wedding favour

What to Call Your Wedding Party?


So you’re getting hitched, congratulations! And you’re opting for a more fun and alternative way to get married and you won’t be following the traditional way of things throughout the day and especially for your wedding party. But what can you call your wedding party? You want to find something


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