When to Start Wedding Planning?


You and your partner have always talked about getting married. Then one day you decide to hell with it, let’s just do it, let’s get engaged and get married. Congratulations! You’ve not set a date in stone yet, but know it will be in a couple of years time. But […]

16 Things Couples Forget On Their Wedding Day


You’ve organised everything for your wedding day to a T and the epic day has arrived. But what have you forgotten? Anything? Here are my 16 things couples forget on their wedding day: Time Give yourself enough time on the morning to get ready. It really does whip round the […]

How to Plan an Unconventional Wedding


You’re ready to plan your epic wedding day. You know what you like and what you don’t like and you definitely know you don’t want your wedding looking the same as everyone else’s.  But how do you plan an unconventional wedding day? Where have you always dreamed of getting married? […]

2021 Wedding Round up


Well a bit of a different blog post today and my last blog of 2021. What a year! But thought it would be nice to reflect on the year and do a 2021 Wedding Round up. When I get to this stage in the year I always think two main […]

Winter Wedding Must Haves


It’s definitely that time of year, where the gloves, scarfs and hats are out. For some it is their favourite time of year and why wouldn’t they get married in the winter months. Here are my top winter wedding must haves for your wedding day: Blankets Your guests are still […]