My Story

Welcome to EllaBella

Welcome! I’m Jodie and I run Ella Bella Weddings and Events covering Essex & Suffolk and this is my story.  



Why Me?

If you are looking for an exciting and quirky wedding or party, something outside the box, then I am the wedding and party planner for you. 

Because I believe in love, fun and that every client should have their dream day. I get so excited and passionate about a theme, it really lights my passion up inside.

I am very hard working, I always have been and I put 100% into everything I do. I will always go above and beyond for my clients.


Helpful skills


Being a lover of lists, which I have been since I can remember, is a huge benefit to planning, as there will be many lists made throughout the planning process.

If it needs doing, I’ll write a list about it! From a to do list or a what to wear list, I have been through many a notebook in my lifetime. 

Working in the graphic design and print industry for six years, it gave me the skills to design wedding and party stationery. 

My love of lists and stationery came together beautifully and equipped me with everything I needed to plan epic parties and unique weddings.







Why an Event Planner? 

After planning my own wedding, I knew this was something I was born to do, it came so naturally to me and was such a fun process and a sense of achievement when the day came together. Along with going into wedding stationery it was the perfect fit so I took the plunge to become a wedding and party planner in 2015.

Successfully passing my Event and Wedding Planning course with QC Career School, I then went on to train with The UK Wedding Alliance of Wedding Planners (UKAWP) and am now an associate member. 



My Aim at EllaBella

My aim at Ella Bella Weddings and Events is for you and your guests to have an unforgettable experience. Something you will look back on with fondness and a great big smile. Because I am so passionate about your celebration. I’ll work with you every step along the way and make it an enjoyable experience.


My Story 


When I’m not working, I’m having fun with my husband and four children. We have always got an adventure to go on. I’m a lover of tattoos and piercings, I’m always adding to my collection. Otherwise you will find me out with my other love, my motorbike. 


Having been into motorbikes since I was a little girl, I  always dreamed of owning one. Finally taking my test in September 2017. It is the best feeling being out on my bike, it is how I unwind after a big event and brings me back to my centre and helps me focus for the next task.


 I do a lot of charity work each year, including jumping out of a plane. Also I enjoy going to the gym and reading books with a glass of wine in hand.

Thank You Photographers 

Credit to our Photographers including Day and Knight Photography, So Tangy Photography, 

David Michael, Toni Howard Photography and Carolyn Clarke Photography


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