What is On the Month Planning?

You have been researching wedding planners to hire and you know you need some help, but you have done some of the work already, so won’t need a planner for a full wedding plan, so what is on the month planning? On the Month Planning When you have picked the […]

How do you change your surname when married?


You’ve tied the knot, and are in post wedding bliss, but how do you change your surname? Here is everything you need to know about changing your surname when married in the UK. Married and Taking Your Partner’s Surname? Once you are married and this goes for both hetro and […]

Disney’s Little Mermaid Inspired Shoot


I have always been a huge Disney fan I mean who isn’t? So I always knew I would have to do a styled shoot which would be Disney themed, but I really wanted something different, something not done before so it took me a little while to finally have that […]

What is an Alternative Wedding?

So you’ve got all these wonderful ideas for how you want your wedding to be and look. Your Pinterest is full of images for your special day. You’ve joined Facebook groups and have started following some suppliers on Instagram and you’ve come across an alternative wedding planner. But what is […]

Are there any Alternatives to a Wedding Ring?


Wedding Rings; the age old tradition from Greece and Rome. Where you exchange your wedding rings after your vows to show your love and commitment to each other. Worn on the fourth finger on your left hand as it was believed by the Egyptians, that this finger has a vein […]