Why Pinterest can be a bad idea for Weddings


I have a love/hate type of relationship with Pinterest, well with any type of social media/search engine if I’m being totally honest. It can be great because it offers you a huge source for inspiration and ideas for every part of your wedding day. It can help you decide the […]

Wedding Trends for 2024


As you know I am an alternative wedding planner, so I’m a huge advocate for doing whatever you want for your wedding. No matter what the new in thing is at that moment. I’m all about having choice for your wedding day and not following the “shoulds” or traditions of […]

Wedding Terminology


The Wedding Lingo. Wedding phrases. Nicknames or Abbreviations. Wedding Words and terms. WTF. If you have just entered the world of wedding planning not only can you be hit with sudden overwhelm from everything you need to do and organise you will start hearing phrases that you’ve never even heard […]

Should We Feed Our Wedding Photographer?


A question I see getting asked quite a lot recently on wedding pages on social media is; Should we feed our wedding photographer? I’m not going to lie some of the answers I have seen are quite disheartening. Your photographer will be there on the day, in some cases for […]

How to Pick the Right Wedding Suppliers?

Alternative Wedding Planer

You have started your wedding planning journey; you’ve got the budget, picked a date, chosen a theme and found the unique venue that matches your vibe for the day. But how do you pick the right wedding suppliers for you as a couple? There are so many out there that […]