You have just got engaged and you are on cloud 9. You’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. But then somebody asks the question; So when are you getting married? It suddenly sinks in, OMG we have got to plan a wedding! Where do we start? How do we find the right venue and suppliers? As a result you start to feel overwhelmed, this doesn’t feel like fun. We know we don’t want a wedding planner, we want to plan this ourselves but how? You my dear would be the ideal couple that a guidance package is for.

A Guidance Package

Is an hour meeting between you, your partner and myself. Either at your home, online or at your favourite place to sit and chill. Where we get together and I make all your worries, confusion and overwhelm disappear. We will go through everything you need to start your wedding planning journey, from finding the perfect wedding venue, to all your badass suppliers, leaving you both reassured and excited to get started.

I can also help you prioritise your budget and what is important to you for your epic day, giving you the confidence and control to have the best day that you’ve always wanted.


Power Hours

These power hours, if you like, can be used at any point in your wedding planning. From the beginning, so you know where and how to get started, right up until the day to make sure you haven’t missed anything. To create a schedule and timeline for the running of the day for you and your suppliers, or even that dreaded seating plan!

Let’s put the fun back into wedding planning.

Thanks for reading

x Jodie x

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