You have been researching wedding planners to hire and you know you need some help, but you have done some of the work already, so won’t need a planner for a full wedding plan, so what is on the month planning?

On the Month Planning

When you have picked the date, set a budget, sourced the venue and know exactly what theme and colour you want for the wedding. When you have booked most of your suppliers, sent out your invites and bought or hired all your wedding attire. You may then start to worry, what have I forgotten? You start to think how do I organise the suppliers on the lead up to and on the day? I just want to relax and enjoy the run up, I don’t want all the phone calls. Well here is when a month of planning package could work for you.


First Meeting

A month before the big day we would have a meeting and I will get to find out exactly what you have booked and who you have hired for your epic day. Making sure you have not missed anything or forgotten an important factor to the wedding. I will learn all about how you want the day to run, any expectations anything that is worrying you about the day.

The work for me then starts after out first meeting, I will then contact all your suppliers to introduce myself and let them know that I am now the lead contact for any questions, problems or confirmations. I will then draft you a timeline and schedule for the day, an often over looked part of wedding planning. So all the suppliers, venue and team know the run of the day that you are expecting.


Second Meeting

We then have another meeting a week before the exciting day, to go through this timeline and schedule and tweak and change it until you are both happy with it. To run through any last minute planning and any other worries or questions you may have for the day itself.


On the Day

Then on the day I’m there for ten hours to help with setting up, making sure all the suppliers know where things need to go and everyone keeps to the timeline and schedule leaving you and your partner to completely relax on your wedding day, knowing that everything is taken care of. I am there throughout the ceremony, wedding breakfast and some of the reception to make sure any problems that arise, are sorted quickly and behind the scenes so you don’t even realise its happened, so you can both enjoy the day with no drama.

I leave you to then dance the night away with your guests as a married couple.

Thanks for reading

x Jodie x

Think this package could be right for you? Take a look at my on the month planning page here.

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