Being an alternative wedding planner in Suffolk, one of the most frequently asked questions is; When should we send out our wedding invites?

Traditionally they are sent out 6-8 weeks before the big day and I am met with the same jaw dropping reaction to my reply every time!

Nowadays the world is very different, we have two in a household with full time careers, we have destination weddings, weekday weddings, holidays throughout the year. Christmas is also now one of the busiest times of the year and starts in September. Plus being in the alternative wedding industry, we don’t do things by the book!


Save the Dates

Now think, are you sending save the date cards? These do exactly what they say on the tin. They make your guests aware of the date of your upcoming wedding and to… wait for it… ‘save the date’. These are perfect for guests who need to travel far to your wedding. So they can organise their transport and/or accommodation. They are for guests who need to arrange childcare or renew passports for a destination wedding. Also weddings that are happening in peak times (May through to October, with July and August being the most popular). Or if you have a weekday wedding, so they can get a couple of days off of work. I mean who wants to go to work the next day, after your EPIC do?

So if you are sending Save the Dates, I would suggest sending them out 9-12 months in advance. Giving your guests plenty of time to make all the necessary arrangements. Remember you only need to send them out to the day guests, evening guests will have a lot less to organise. Or you could save yourself some money and not send any. If you are having a weekend wedding, at a quieter time of year and you are all local to the venue, your guests would need less notice.


So taking this all into consideration, I tell my couples to send out their wedding day invites 3-4 months before the big day. (4-5 months for destination weddings). The evening invites 2-3 months before the big day. Especially if you have some evening guests you would like bumped up to the day list, if somebody can’t make it.

Always give a date, of at least a month, for your RSVPs to be in by. Giving you plenty of time to give gentle nudges to the people who have forgotten to RSVP. Therefore having your final numbers ready for all of your suppliers two-four weeks in advance.

Try not to be tempted to send them so far in advance, that they are put to the bottom of the pile or misplaced. Your stationery is the first insight into your magical day, not just another piece of paper.


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Thanks for reading

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