You’ve organised everything for your wedding day to a T and the epic day has arrived. But what have you forgotten? Anything? Here are my 16 things couples forget on their wedding day:


Give yourself enough time on the morning to get ready. It really does whip round the morning of and something that starts off as nice and relaxed can suddenly change to chaotic and overwhelming. Giving yourself plenty of time will reduce the stress in the morning. Your wedding planner, hair or make up stylist can help you with this.


How to do up the Wedding Dress

You are all ready and it’s time to put on the dress. You’ve gone for a gorgeous lace up gown, but have you ever been told or shown how to do it up? Make sure at least one of your team know how to and are confident to lace up your dress. If you are getting ready on your own your wedding planner, hair or make up stylist could help you with this.



Make sure you eat, especially on the morning. The last thing you need is to be passing out walking down the aisle. Try to also eat your own canapés, meal and evening food. If you are not having a wedding planner, maybe have a member of your team make sure you get a plate or have the caterers have you a plate put to the side. As you’ll be so busy with the rest of the day, it can be so easily overlooked.


The Rings

Easily done but if you are having rings for your vows, they sometimes can be left behind! Make sure whoever you have in your team in charge of the rings is trustworthy. Also if you are planning to take your engagement ring off, make sure it is left somewhere safe or you could wear it on your other hand.


Invites and Reserved Seating Signs

If you have a photography list for your photographer and a stationery shot is one of them, don’t forget to bring your stationery with you on the day. Also if you are reserving seats at the front for your team or family, don’t forget these. Your wedding planner could help you with this.

Cake Boxes

If you are cutting the cake but not using it as a part of one of your meals, maybe supply some cake boxes so your guests can take it home at the end of the night.



Make sure you have someone in charge of the card and gift table to keep an eye on it during your day. They can also make sure they arrive safely home with you, whether that’s on the day or at a later date if you are staying in a hotel. Your wedding planner could help you with this.


Taking Time Out with your Partner

The day itself will go very quickly and you will be spending time with your guests and enjoying all the entertainment planned throughout the day. Make sure you get some time with you partner on the day.


Emergency Kit

Things can go wrong so be prepared with your own emergency kit for the day. Items like: flat shoes, paracetamol and tissues. If you have hired a wedding planner, they will normally provide one.


Contingency Plan for Rain

With the good old British weather if you are planning to get married outside or have any thing going on outside, make sure you have a contingency plan if it does decide to pour.



Don’t forget pens for your guests to sign in your guest book.



Don’t forget your cake knife and server if you are having the cutting of the cake included in your day. But don’t panic if you do the wedding planner, venue or caterer could help you with this.

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You should have a timeline of the day in place for you and all your suppliers so everyone knows what’s happening, when. Your wedding planner will help you with this.

How to hook up your dress for the Reception

If you are planning to the dance the night away at your reception and don’t want to be hauling around your train all evening, make sure you are shown how to hook up your wedding dress. Your wedding planner or team could help you with this.

Overnight Bag

If you are staying somewhere the night of your wedding don’t forget to pack your overnight bag with all your essentials.

suitcases- wedding-night


You have booked transport for you, all your team and parents to the ceremony and the reception.  But come the end of the night who is taking you all home again? Make sure you’ve arranged transport home for you and your team.


But of course if you do hire a wedding planner, they will organise all this for you and make sure you don’t forget a thing, wink wink!

Next take a look at my blog on what does a Wedding Planner do?

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