You’ve both decided you want to hire in help for your wedding planning journey, as you just don’t have the time to plan your special day. But what does a wedding planner actually do?

Here are just some of the things you can expect from your wedding planner.

Managing your budget

In your initial consultation, the planner will have learnt your expectations for the day and your budget.

Afterwards you would be sent a proposed budget breakdown of where all the money will be going and to which aspectof the wedding. 

You would be sent the budget regularly, showing you what has been paid, what is yet to be paid and when it’s due.

The wedding planner keeps on top of this budget throughout the entire planning process so you can carry on and enjoy your time elsewhere.


Sourcing a Venue

A wedding planner, will source you the perfect venues to choose from, as they will know the qualities you are looking for.

They will take in to consideration things like disabled access, if you have a guest who is a wheelchair user, or ponds if you will be inviting young children.

They will come with you to see each venue and any other meetings required, looking for all the things needed for your day to run successfully, so you don’t have to.

Also asking questions you may not have thought of like is the venue exclusively yours for the day so you don’t have random people wandering round, leaving you to envisage yourself getting married there.


Health & Safety

Your wedding planner will conduct a health and safety inspection on your venue giving you peace of mind.

Suppliers List

They will have a recommended suppliers list that they have either worked with before or that they trust.

Giving you the peace of mind that you will only have high quality suppliers working on your wedding, within your budget.

Point of Contact

Your wedding planner will be the point of contact for all the suppliers and the venue (even the guests if you wanted) so you don’t have to worry.

All you need to have is the wedding planners number, they will organise all the phone calls and emails.

They will be your spokesperson so you don’t have to deal with any of it, getting you the best prices.


Design and Logistics

A wedding planner will help you with the design and the logistics of your wedding day.

Including the biggest and tiniest of details, from the lighting in your marquee to your favours.

Every little detail will be taken care of so you can sit back and relax throughout.

24/7 Contact

Your wedding planner will always be available to you, no matter what. They will be your wedding BFF who will happily listen and talk about weddings.

Giving you that reassurance if you have any wobbles throughout.


Your planner will have the knowledge of wedding etiquette and what is on trend in the world of weddings.

But the best part is, it’s your day so you can do it all your way and your planner will support you.

Guest lists

The Wedding Planner deals with your guest list and invitations along with RSVP tracking throughout, so you can get on with other aspects of the wedding, like your final fitting for your wedding dress!


Table plan

Here the wedding planner will sit with you both and help organise your table plan. Leaving you feeling calm and accomplished.


A wedding planner will arrange a wedding day schedule for you from the minute you wake up, until the guests leave the reception. Every detail is included in this timeline.

When finalised it is sent to all the suppliers and venue.

The wedding planner makes sure it runs to schedule on the day.


On the day

On the day of your wedding your wedding planner will be busy behind the scenes making sure everything is set up and where it should be.

The planner will resolve any problems, without you aware so you can truly enjoy your special day.

As you can see you really do get to just sit back and enjoy the planning process when you hire a wedding planner. So what are you waiting for?

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Thanks for Reading

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