So you’ve got all these wonderful ideas for how you want your wedding to be and look. Your Pinterest is full of images for your special day. You’ve joined Facebook groups and have started following some suppliers on Instagram and you’ve come across an alternative wedding planner. But what is an alternative wedding?

In a nutshell it is throwing the wedding rule book out of the window, its being outside the box for your day and incorporating all your likes, hobbies and interests and making the whole day centred around you and your partner, bringing in your personalities throughout the entire day.

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It is about any traditions that make your toes curl up, to be taken out. Don’t like the tradition of your dad giving you away? You could walk down the aisle with your partner! Can’t see the point of cutting the cake? Don’t.

It is also about keeping any traditions that mean something to you in. Love the thought of a sit down meal and being waitered on hand and foot for your day, have the sit down wedding breakfast. Also loving the thought of having the speeches, keep them in, but you don’t have to follow the order, or who does them.

What are your priorities?

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Your Wedding Day

Listen up, you do not have to have anything you do not want on your wedding day!

Want a bridal squad made up of all your favourite people or pets, that make you happy no matter what they identify as? Do it!

Hate the thought of all eyes on you dancing awkwardly for your first dance? It’s gone!

Speeches make you feel sick or anxious? Get Rid!

Don’t want to wear a dress or a suit or even white? Wear what you feel comfortable in and what makes you feel a million dollars!

Don’t want to invite people you’ve never even met before? Then don’t!

Want to get married on top of a mountain? Lets go!

Not looking forward to an unpersonalised ceremony? Then get yourself a celebrant. You will thank me later!

This my friends is what an alternative wedding is.

alternative wedding

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