Swiping through Instagram photos and saving pin ideas on Pinterest you will not normally see a wedding couple without a flower bouquet in hand, but why is this? What if you don’t like flowers and what can you do differently?

The tradition of a wedding flower bouquet stems from the Ancient Greeks and Romans who carried herbs and spices to ward of bad luck on their wedding day.

Nowadays they tie in with your overall theme and décor colour.

But what if like me, flowers don’t really do it for you at all, what can you do instead?

Here are my ideas on alternative wedding bouquets for the non-traditional couple:

Button or fabric bouquets

These can be made to match your colour theme.

Photos by Day & Knight Photography

Silk or paper flowers

Still like the idea of flowers but want something that will last forever and that you can have as a keepsake, silk flowers are the way to go. Or your favourite quote, reading or book could be made into a paper bouquet.



Feather or vintage these can make a statement and be perfect for those hot summer day weddings.


Your wedding day handbag

Don’t want your dress covered up by any large arrangement but still feel you need to hold something to keep your hands busy down the aisle? Have your clutch ready.


Your favorite cuddly toy

Something you’ve had since birth that has always been your comfort if your feeling a little anxious.


And my personal favourite…

Brooch Bouquets

These bouquets can be made bespoke to fit any colour and/or theme just look at them!!!

Made by Maddison Rocks Floral Sculpture


Love these as much as I do? Head over to her etsy page at maddisonrocks.etsy.com

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