Top 5 wedding bouquet styles

Today I’m taking all about wedding bouquet styles. Flowers are a huge part of a wedding, from your bridal bouquet to the wedding reception decor.

So what styles of wedding bouquets are there?

Here are my top 5 wedding bouquet styles:

Shower or Teardrop Wedding Bouquet Styles

This beautiful bouquet starts big and full at the top and then cascades down to the bottom with less flowers in the shape of a tear drop. These can either be simple or extravagant.


Pomander Bouquet

A pomander bouquet comes in an elegant round shape, a ball of flowers if you like. They can be held or hung on your wrist via ribbon.


Hand Tied Wedding Bouquet

Hand tied bouquets are individual stems of your chosen flowers, loosely arranged and then all tied together, by ribbon usually and the stems are comfortably held in your hand.


Over the Arm Bouquet

These bouquets are generally sprays of flowers carried over your bent arm, with the top of the bouquet resting on the inside of your elbow. Don’t forget the more extravagant you go with the choice of flowers, the heavier the bouquet will be.


Wild Flower Wedding Bouquet

Perfect for your rustic or outdoor woodland wedding and popular with the boho bride, a wild flower bouquet is a much bigger arrangement of wild flowers normally adorned with ribbons, feathers, pampas grass.

Top tip for holding your chosen bouquet: Hold the bouquet at your belly button slightly tipped forward so the front of the flowers can be seen by your guests and your arms slightly bent and relaxed.

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And for the Guests

Corsages and Buttonholes

A Corsage is a delicate arrangement of a few flowers that match the bridal bouquet for your wedding party (mother of the bride, mother of the groom and so on). Pinned to their outfit on the right and facing downwards with the stem pointing up. Or you have a wrist corsage tied on with ribbon like a bracelet, which is more popular now for the bridesmaids.


A Buttonhole is a matching arrangement but with fewer flowers, (normally one) for the groom, his best man, ushers and so on. Pinned on the left lapel and facing upwards with the stem pointing down.


Not forgetting the flower girl of course who could have a small bouquet, a wand, flower basket or flower crown.


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