Walking down the aisle as an LGBTQ+ couple is a beautiful and meaningful experience. But you may be thinking who goes first? What is the tradition? Do I even need to follow the tradition? Here are some ideas on how to walk down the aisle as a LGBTQ+ couple:

  1. You can go the traditional way; decide who will walk down the aisle and who will be waiting at the other end. You could walk down the aisle with your father or choose whoever you like to walk down the aisle with you or even on your own.
  2. Both walk down the aisle separately with your loved ones or on your own. That way you both get your wedding entrance.
  3. Or you can both walk down the aisle together.
  4. You could have two aisles either side, with your guests in the middle.
  5. One could walk halfway and meet the other in the middle and then walk the rest of the way together.
  6. Get rid of the aisle all together and mingle with your guests before the ceremony. This is fab for any couples who are nervous or don’t like being centre of attention. This way you will just slip to the front, when its time to get wed.

It’s Your Day, Do It Your Way!

The possibilities are endless on how to walk down the aisle as a LGBTQ+ couple and you really can do it however you both want.

If you do walk down the aisle remember to walk down the aisle slowly, confidently, and with pride. Remember to smile and make eye contact with guests. Don’t forget to take a moment to appreciate each other and the significance of the moment.

Enjoy the moment: Once you’ve walked down the aisle, take some time to enjoy the moment with your partner, celebrate your relationship and love.


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