Oh that dreaded word budget, which fills most of my couples with dread when asked the question, what’s your budget? It is one of the first things you should talk about when you start your wedding planning journey. But it’s not as scary as you first think and having an open chat about money and both your wants for the day is a great first step. So how do you budget for your wedding day?


I always say to my couples write a list of everything you could possibly want for your day, then prioritise what means the most to both of you, is it the location or the date? Have you always wanted a Summer or Winter Wedding? Is it the food or the entertainment? Soon you will have a list of all the important things to you both and then another list of the nice to haves.


How much can you both save towards the wedding? What do you already have in savings? Do you have any family members that are contributing to the wedding? Never ever get yourself into debt over your wedding; the last thing you want to do is start your married life, up to your eyeballs in debt.

Be Flexible

If you have found your dream venue and that was a priority for you. But the date isn’t available or it is slightly out of your budget, be flexible. You could have a date during the week or out of season that will bring the cost down. Be flexible and it will all come together for you.

Keep track of your expenses

Keep a detailed spreadsheet of where all the money is going, deposits and final payments and when they are due. This will help keep you within your budget and on top of who needs to be paid when.

Unexpected Expenses

Sometimes there will be adjustments that need to be made with quotes coming in higher or something has been forgotten you may need to think of ways to cut down somewhere else or make the extra needed if it is a priority.


The most important thing is that you’re marrying the person you love, not how much you spend on your wedding.


If this does feel too overwhelming for you, check out my power hour package here where we can go through this together, making you feel in control of your wedding budget.

Thanks for reading

x Jodie x

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