This week I wanted to introduce you to Amanda from Merrimay. She makes the most amazing, alternative bespoke wedding shoes.

I came across these beauts on a training course. I fell in love with them straight away and I know some of you will too. Even better it’s a local business, that I would love to support.

Please welcome Amanda:

I would love to know where the inspiration came from, for your shoes? What’s your story?

I’ve customised shoes and clothes since I was a kid. I used to doodle on most things I could lay my hands on – dad used to tell me only paper but mum encouraged me and said I was ahead of my time! Whilst working full time as a house manager I made a few pairs for friend’s weddings, babies and some drag queens. I got such an awesome response I started to consider starting a business. In short, I remember mum saying ‘I always told you….’

Merrimay was born (maiden name Merritt, married name May)


What style of shoes do you design?

I work with all shoe styles so flats, pumps, wedges etc. Heels are definitely the most popular though. I like to make them fun and unique for everyone so gender/orientation doesn’t make an ounce of difference. Ooh and infant size 2 all the way up to an adult 12 (uk). If I can get larger then fantastic!

Do we send in our own shoes or do you provide them?

Generally I source the shoes for you once we have discussed what you’re after. But if you’ve found a pair you love I will happily work with them for you.


How long do they take to create? What is the process?

A completed pair of pretties can take from around 15 hours upwards, I love these beauts as much as you do and I put a lot of love and devotion into them, as they rightly deserve. 

After designing your shoes with you, plucked from my brain or yours I go on to wash and prep the shoe surface. I then paint and draw the chosen design on before individually applying each embellishment/crystal and make up any extras like straps, bows etc.

Shoes designed and made for you, are one of a kind. I will never repeat them!


What’s the price range?

Diddy baby shoes start from £85 then they can go up to £700 plus for the larger sizes. It really depends on what you have in mind. As I price everything individually based on all the materials I use and how much time I need to put into them.

And lastly how can we get our hands on a pair?

You can contact me directly to discuss bespoke shoes via email: Amandamay.ajm@gmail.com

Phone: 07765342926



My Etsy shop has ready made ‘ets-clusive’ one of a kind shoes to purchase. Or pre-designed and made to order pairs: https://Merrimaytreasures.etsy.com

As you can see these shoes are just stunning and a perfect fit for any alternative wedding, please head over to Etsy for more pictures and to order your ‘ets -clusive’ shoes.

A big thank you to Amanda at Merrimay for answering all my questions. Check out my blog on alternative bouquets.

Thanks for reading

x Jodie x

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