My heart skips a beat when a couple hire me and they show me their Pinterest board. Full of their ideas and bursting with colour. I adore all the colours and when done right, they can create a beautiful fusion of fun and add character to your wedding day.

Having a marquee is a blank canvas and can give you the scope required. But all is not lost at a venue and their own colour scheme. Bright colours can still be used to compliment what is already there. Still achieving the look you are going for.

How to add colour to your wedding day:


Having a wedding planner working alongside you throughout your planning journey will not only help you decide how to design your perfect colourful day, but also the logistics behind it all. Hand picking their best suppliers for the job. They can also give you ideas outside the box. From where to get married, like a clearing in the woods or on top of a mountain to a festival inspired weekend with no speeches.

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