It’s definitely that time of year, where the gloves, scarfs and hats are out. For some it is their favourite time of year and why wouldn’t they get married in the winter months. Here are my top winter wedding must haves for your wedding day:


Your guests are still going to be getting dressed up for your wedding day. So they will thank you for a basket full of blankets to keep them warm. Because even knowing how cold it is, they still may not come prepared for it. You could double them up as a useful wedding favour too, so every time they use it, they will think of you both and your special day.


Warm Accessoires

Think faux fur bolero, long sleeved wedding outfit or even a cape (how cool!). Especially for travelling to and from the venue and any outside shots you want to capture. The last thing you want to look back on, is how cold you were or how blue you are in the photos. Don’t forget your bridal party too!


Outdoor pictures

If you are wanting to brave the cold and get some outdoor pictures, make sure you are wrapped up warm before and after the shots. Maybe have your bridal party standing nearby to warm you up in between shots. Your photographer however will know some unique places indoors to get you some amazing shots without freezing your arse off.



Don’t forget the evenings are getting dark around 4pm so if you are getting married later in the day, you may need to hire some extra lighting or candles (how romantic).



Guests, if they have come prepared, will have big coats, gloves, scarfs and hats. So think of having a place to store all these so they aren’t put on the back of the chairs, you just paid a lot of money to decorate.


Warm Drinks

For your welcome drinks think of warmer drinks like mulled wine. You could even have a hot chocolate station for you reception to keep guests warm.


Wedding Insurance

You should have wedding insurance anyway, but for winter weddings, if we get snow in England the whole country comes to a stand still, and your suppliers and even some of your guests may not be able to get to the venue.

Whatever you do it will be perfect and if you need any more ideas get in touch here.

Thanks for reading

x Jodie x

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