Why I became a Wedding and Party Planner

Why I became a Wedding and Party Planner

Eleven years ago, I’m confirming the last few details for my wedding. Dropping off all my décor to the venue. Getting my nails done and full of excitement!

I can hardly sleep the night before no matter how hard I try. Will the tables come together and look good? All the suppliers I’ve hired, will they turn up? Will the venue set it up how I’ve got it in my head? I’m still just too excited!

Organising and planning every detail myself, right down to the aisle runner and the colour of the candles. It was our perfect day, just how we wanted it.


Wedding Blues

Just as quickly as the day came around it was gone and the dreaded wedding blues hit hard. My large planner full of my ideas, spreadsheets and designs had been filed away and I now didn’t have anything to organise and boy did I love to plan.

Writing lists for everything, from a day out to the to do list and when I was planning our wedding I was in list heaven! But not only that I found I was really passionate about the logistics of the wedding. How they worked and bringing my colour theme together throughout the day, whilst also keeping the guests entertained.


So why did I decide to become a Wedding and Party Planner?

Working at the time, designing estate agent and having dipped my toe into wedding and party stationery for friends and family I realised the wedding and party industry was something I got really excited about.

Then I was asked to organise my mum’s surprise 50th Birthday and throughout the planning process I just knew this is what I wanted to do as a future career. I felt it was something I was really good at and passionate about. I was back in my happy place of list writing, felt comfortable ringing suppliers to hire, I was calm and enjoyed being everyone’s point of contact.


Moving Forward

So I went ahead and successfully completed my QC Career School Wedding and Event planning course. I loved every bit of it, it didn’t feel like learning. I then helped plan my friends’ weddings and parties; any chance I got to get some more experience and meanwhile Ella Bella (named after my first born) was launched.

I knew my niche quite quickly, as with every wedding I was working on a common theme materialised. I wanted the couple to have fun and make the day theirs and be just what they wanted with their personalities shining through.

During this time I was pregnant with my third child, who along with her sister was diagnosed with a life limiting condition. Having turned my world upside down I was now even more determined than ever to make my dream a reality for my family and myself. So I left my full time job and have not looked back since.

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