So you’re getting hitched, congratulations! And you’re opting for a more fun and alternative way to get married and you won’t be following the traditional way of things throughout the day and especially for your wedding party. But what can you call your wedding party? You want to find something more inclusive especially when you have a mix of genders, are non-binary and including your fur babies at your special day. Here are some alternative ideas for you:

The Wedding Party

When the wedding party consists of all genders or pets, the last thing you want to address them as is the bridal party, bridesmaids or groomsmen. To be more inclusive and respectful of all the gender identities, choose to use alternative terms such as:


Ultimately, the choice is yours and you could be really creative to suit you both or even your wedding day theme. Having a themed wedding? You could use the terms:

Having your fur babies at the wedding ceremony? How about:

Let your imaginations run wild. This way, you can make everyone feel included regardless of their gender identity.

Non-Binary Wedding Members

When someone in a wedding party identifies as non-binary, they can be referred to using gender-neutral terms such as honor attendant or wedding bestie, best ‘name’, broomsmate or gridesmate, enby and any of the above. Communication with the individual involved is important to ensure that they are comfortable with the chosen terminology.

The Wedding Couple

After coming up with your Wedding Party’s Term what about you as a couple? Inclusive terms you could use are:


Don’t overthink it just go with what feels right to you both and your team, get them involved in choosing it could be one of the more fun wedding planning tasks. Remember it’s your day, so do it your way!

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