If you are anything like me, your partner is your best friend and you pretty much do everything together. You have the same likes, interests and hobbies so would you treat your wedding planning, the day itself and any hen or stag dos differently? Hen and stag dos originate from Greece where the Spartans would hold a dinner party for grooms on the eve of their wedding. They became a popular worldwide tradition around the mid 20th century. So what is a Sten/Hag do?

A Sten or Hag Do is when couples celebrate jointly instead of separate parties. Therefore if you have similar interests and the same groups of friends it makes sense to have one. It also saves you money, having the one do instead of two!



These can include various activities, such as spa days, outdoor adventures, clubbing, or even a weekend getaway. Go karting, cocktail making, escape room, ninja warrior or mini break away the possibilities are endless. What makes your soul light up when you go out together, what hobbies do you enjoy together?

The idea is to bring the couple’s friends and families together to celebrate the upcoming ceremony and create lasting memories. It’s a way to embrace modern-day wedding culture and break away from traditional gender roles.


Sten/Hag Do Dont’s

I know back when I got married I ended up going to an Adonis club, which actually looking back was not my thing at all! But I just did what I thought I ‘should‘ do at the time. My partner went go karting, which I love to do, so if we had it again I would have had a Sten do, as I would have had much more fun!

To round up what this means, is do whatever you both want to do. Whether that’s celebrating with any of your friends and family together or separately. Celebrate with just the two of you or not at all.

It’s your choice and your day, so do it your way!


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