As you know I am an alternative wedding planner, so I’m a huge advocate for doing whatever you want for your wedding. No matter what the new in thing is at that moment. I’m all about having choice for your wedding day and not following the “shoulds” or traditions of a wedding. The ones that don’t align with you as a couple, or the ones that make you feel uncomfortable. But here are a few wedding trends I am seeing for 2024, which I can get behind:

Sustainable Weddings

We as an industry and couples are getting more and more eco conscious, which is fantastic! More couples are opting for greener and recycled materials, including fashion, than one use plastics and throw away items. Therefore less is being wasted. See my blog on how to have a sustainable wedding here.

Intimate Weddings

We are still seeing a wedding trend for smaller and more intimate weddings, this may be the follow on effect from Covid, but some couples are prioritising who they want to spend their day with over how many they can invite.


Social Media Weddings

We are seeing a lot more content creation suppliers popping up to create media content for your socials. This is definitely a lovely add on for your friends and family that cant be there on the day, to still be a part of it. It is also a nice touch for you to have something from the day quickly, whilst you are waiting for the professional photos and video to be edited.

More Alternative Venues

Alternative venues are being sourced, something I am all for. As celebrants are being booked more, you can literally get married anywhere. Museum, mountain top, warehouse, you name it!

Inclusive Weddings

Couples are being more conscious of inclusivity. This can mean incorporating their families diverse cultures into their day. Including their wedding parties pronouns and terminology. Making sure their venue is accessible. Or creating a safe space for sensory overload. The wedding industry are also becoming much more aware and making changes. Something I am very passionate about.

Mental Health

We are being very conscious of our mental and physical health. Making sure we aren’t getting overwhelmed and when the planning becomes too much, we take a step back. Putting our health first.

So to round up Wedding Trends in 2024 are about having the day you truly want no matter what the predicted colour or theme is. As long as you are both happy and putting your well being first.

It’s your day, do it your way!

Thanks for reading

x Jodie x

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