Having a sustainable wedding is a great way to reduce the environmental impact of your special day. Here are some tips to help you have a sustainable wedding:

  1. Choose an eco-friendly venue: Look for a venue that promotes sustainable initiatives, such as using renewable energy, recycling facilities, and organic landscaping. Consider outdoor locations or eco-friendly venues like woodlands or camping sites.
  2. Reduce waste: Minimise the use of disposable items like plastic. Opt for reusable or biodegradable alternatives. Hire in all your crockery and decorations from hire companies, that can be used for other weddings over and over again.
  3. Support small local businesses: Work with local suppliers who source their products locally to reduce the carbon footprint. This includes caterers who use locally grown, organic, and seasonal ingredients.
  4. Choose sustainable stationery: Use stationers that have recycled or tree-free paper options and consider printing with eco-friendly inks. You can create digital invitations instead of paper ones to reduce paper waste.
  5. Sustainable transportation: Encourage guests to carpool to reduce carbon emissions. You could arrange a shuttle service from one venue to the other if they are in a different places.
  6. Sustainable outfits: Choosing eco-friendly fabrics such as organic cotton, hemp, or bamboo, if you are having your outfits made bespoke. Consider hiring or buying pre-owned attire. Donating or recycling after the wedding is also a great sustainable option.
  7. Food and beverage: Liaise with your caterer to ensure that the menu incorporates sustainable, locally sourced ingredients. Try to avoid excess food waste by proper planning and informing the caterer about the right quantities. Ask the caterer, when booking, if they have a scheme to donate any left over food, to a food bank.
  8. Eco-friendly favours: Gift your guests sustainable and meaningful favours, such as potted plants, seeds, or locally sourced organic products. You could donate to local projects supporting sustainability. Avoid plastic or single-use items that end up in the bin or left on the table. You could not have any favours at all if they are not important to you.
  9. Other Sustainable decorations: Incorporate natural elements like flower petals for confetti. Plants and recycled materials for decor. Consider using LED or energy-efficient lighting options.
  10. Donate: Consider donating any leftover food, flowers, or bought decorations to local charities or organisations.

Remember, sustainability is a journey and every small effort counts. Prioritise what aligns with your values and make conscious choices to have a wedding that leaves a positive impact on the environment.

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Working with Ella Bella Weddings and Events Sustainably

Here at Ella Bella Weddings and Events, planning your wedding day or any event together it is important to think about ways we can create your sustainable wedding. I will suggest suppliers who have the same ethos and values as us and most of our meetings can be done via zoom, to reduce any carbon emissions.

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