Wedding Dress Styles

Wedding Dress Styles

One of the most exciting things about wedding planning (except the cake tasting of course) is going to find your dress. When shopping for ‘the dress’ you have endless options of what styles you can have, here is my handy guide on what wedding dress styles there are.

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A classic style that flatters all brides, an A-line dress is fitted to the waist and then flows out creating an A shape and that hourglass figure. An A-line dress will work in most venues and themes.

Photo by Lianne Foye
Photo by Bamboo Dreams Photography LLC

Mermaid or Fishtail

Wanting to show off your tall and curvy figure? This style does that perfectly with its dramatic skirt that flares out at the bottom like a mermaids tail.

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Ball Gown

Another classic wedding dress with a fitted bodice and puffy skirt, this is the fairy-tale wedding dress. It can flatter all types of bride. A ball gown is full length and were known as the most formal of dresses.

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This straight or column dress is for your more athletic brides. A column dress is simple but very elegant. Following your bodies shape from the neckline all the way down, it is close fitting and will show all of your curves.

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With it’s fitted and short bodice to just under the bust, an empire dress then flows to the floor, skimming the body. It creates length and a curvier bust, which is perfect for shorter and smaller busted brides. Also flattering for pear shaped brides.

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Originally just above the ankle and below the knee, mid-calf, tea-length dresses now sit anywhere from the knee to above your ankles. Tea-length dresses can help the shorter bride as they may be swamped by a full-length dress. These are becoming popular with all brides and create a very romantic and stylish look.

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A dress between an A line and a mermaid the trumpets flare is more mid-thigh and less dramatic than the mermaids tail. Great for pear shaped brides.

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Photo by Lianne Foye


If a dress is just not for you there are other options like a wedding jumpsuit. You can still look and feel amazing on your special day. Jumpsuits can be for your more unconventional bride and certainly make a statement. Jumpsuits are stylish, dramatic, modern, fun and comfortable.

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Don’t forget to really make it your style the different necklines you can go for! Including sweetheart, strapless, sleeves, capes the possibilities are endless! But most of all enjoy the experience and listen to the wedding dress shop assistant’s advice, they really do know what they are talking about and can help you decide which style of dress best suits your figure.

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