You’re engaged, Congratulations! Yes it’s finally happened, it was beautiful, perfect in your way. You are floating on cloud 9, but should you hire a wedding planner?

You want to get planning straight away but you don’t know where to start. Do I book the venue first? Set the date? Can I start wedding dress shopping yet? We haven’t even discussed our budget!

You are now getting overwhelmed, you don’t even like hosting or organising, the thought of it makes you start to panic and fills you with dread. You’re getting stressed out; this is no fun at all!

You should think about hiring a wedding planner.

We love organising and planning, not only is it our job it’s our passion! We have been trained step by step how and in what order to plan a wedding. Whether it is a religious ceremony or celebrant led and have done numerous amount of times so we have the experience. We are always learning and training, keeping up to date our knowledge in the field.



You both work full time, running your own company it takes priority. You have put your heart and sole into this business, you have deadlines to work to, clients to look after. Did you know it can take couples on average 250 hours to plan a wedding? You just do not have the time.

You should think about hiring a wedding planner.

Wedding planners are running a business too, so they understand the importance of your time. We are here to save you that time and take off all the pressure. On average we can plan a wedding in 150 hours, with a shorter lead time.

time for a wedding planner


You have tried to sit down and go through with your partner what you want your day to look like but you just cant come up with a design. You both have different creative ideas but you can’t see how they work together for a theme. So it gets pushed to the side and you’re slowly falling behind.

You should think about hiring a wedding planner

Some wedding planners have designer backgrounds, like myself I come from the graphic design and printing industry. So designing and creating your vision is another passion. Wedding planners have the understanding from your consultation of what your likes and dislikes are and it can become clear the type of theme or colours you are looking for. Quick tip: Pinterest is a fantastic tool for you if you are stuck, it has thousands of inspirational wedding ideas and is basically a massive google search engine.



Conflicting family members have reared their head on how the day should be, but that isn’t what you want, you want to do it your way, but how? Or you get no help whatsoever from parents or friends, so you have no one to go to for advice. You have scoured the web for any planning advice but feel you still want that professional working alongside you.

You should think about hiring a planner.

We love talking weddings all day and everyday, so hiring a wedding planner, you are hiring your own personal WBF (Wed Best Friend). You need an outlet and we are just that! Wedding planners know the etiquette and traditions surrounding a wedding and here at Ella Bella Weddings and Events I throw that rule book out the window. As I believe the day is all about you, you partner and your wants and likes and passions. It’s your day let’s do it your way.



Lastly, you have a very strict budget, you do not want to get into debt over your wedding. But you don’t know how to work a spreadsheet or keep track of what’s going in and coming out of your wedding budget.

You should think about hiring a wedding planner.

Yes your planner will take a percentage of your budget and have a minimum fee of around £3000, but they will save you money in the long run and keep you within your budget. They will also guide you from the first consultation on what your budget can achieve and help you figure out your must haves for the day. You are receiving expert advice in the industry and the best suppliers. All the organising and planning side of things are taken off your shoulders, you don’t have to worry about a thing and you both can enjoy the lead up to your wedding day.


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