When looking to book your wedding makeup artist for your wedding, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest is a fab place to start. You can get a feel for the makeup artist’s work and if it’s aligned with the look you are hoping to achieve on your special day. When you get to the contacting stage and you have found a few that you like, here are 7 questions you can ask your wedding makeup artist:

Are they available on your date?

I would also ask how many weddings they will have booked on your day and the times.


What style of makeup do they specialise in?

Most makeup artists will have a niche, if you are looking for a natural boho look or the heavier rock glam look, there will be a makeup artist that can kill it!


Is it just you or is there a team?

This will come in handy if you have a large wedding party. Time goes very quickly the morning of the wedding. You will need more than one makeup artist if there is lot of you needing to be done.


Can they recommend a hair stylist they work well with?

Being in the industry they will have worked well with another hair stylist that will help no end on the morning of, if they have already worked together. 

How do they charge and how to book?

Be clear on what they charge, when. How much they need as a deposit? To secure your date so you can keep on top of your budget. Do they charge per hour? What is the process of booking?


Which brands of products do they use?

Are makeup and brushes that are cruelty free important to you? This is a question you should be asking if it is, so you know what is being applied to your face.


Do they travel?

Do you want to be at home the morning of the wedding or are you happy to travel to their studio? Will you be staying at the venue the night before and need the makeup artist to be there? Make sure they are happy to travel to where you will be and if it cost you any more.


And remember always book a trial, make sure you both sign a contract and they have all the relevant insurance certificates.

Take a look at my interview with Emily Chantal Wedding Makeup Artist here.

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