Congrats you’re engaged! You have both decided now is the right time for you to get married. You have taken the time to let it all sink in, told your family and friends. Updated your social media of course and started having conversations of how the day might look like. So how to plan a Wedding?


Yes I just heard your sigh of despair. But you really do need to sit down together and talk about your wedding day budget. What have you already got in savings? How much can you both afford to put way each month towards the wedding? Will you be receiving any donations from close family members? Have the conversation.

Do not get yourself into debt over a wedding! Yes it’s a very special day in your lives, but it is a day. A day that could see you struggling to pay off, for the first 5 years of your married life, with loans or credit cards. You don’t need that added stress. Don’t do it!



The next thing I will suggest couples do is sit down and list both of your priorities. What means the most to you when it comes to your wedding day? Is it where you get married or the date? Do the wedding outfits take priority or the food served? This will help know where to start because if it’s where you get married, this will also determine the date as to when they are available. If the date is more important you, you can be more flexible with the venue.

You can then work out how much you want to spend in each of these areas.

This will also help you stay within budget. Booking all your priorities first, you can then look at the ‘nice to haves’ with any money left over.

I would also do this for your guest list. Prioritise who would like to invite. You need to have a very rough idea on numbers for the size of venue and price per head.

This is where you can also sit down and have the chat about who is doing what. What is more important to each of you and what you can work on together.


Get the Date Set and Venue Booked

You now know your budget, your priorities for the day and how you want to get married. This will be the first tick off the list, getting your venue booked and the wedding date set. Think about which season you would like to get married in. What day of the week would you like to get married on? How many people you are looking to invite. These will also impact on cost.

How do you see yourselves getting married? By a priest or with a registrar or celebrant? Have you always dreamt of getting married in a church, or do you want a more personal and fun ceremony with a celebrant, someone who has got to know you both and your love story?

What type of venue do you envisage for your day? Is it a barn or have you always dreamed of getting married outside with nature? Take a look around and get a feel for the venue, you will know the right one for you.


Have fun with this. What are your likes, interests, hobbies and favourite colours? How do you want your wedding day to look? Pinterest and social media is a great place to start for ideas, but don’t get sucked into the rabbit hole of the must and should haves.

Get those suppliers booked!

From the celebrant to the photographer, florist, to the caterer, the earlier you get these suppliers booked the better. Some can get booked up two years in advance. Check out some local Wedding Fairs, which in my opinion is the best way to get to know and meet suppliers that align with your vision and values. My favourite is The Quirky Wedding Fayre.

The Quirky Wedding Fayre – Photographer: Willow By the River

Choose your tribe

If you are wanting your besties support leading up to and on the day, invite them to help out. This can be anyone, they do not have to be confined to gender or even human, your pets could even be yours.


Send out the Invites

Once you know all the details and suppliers are booked, get those invites out! Traditionally its 6-8 weeks before the day, but everyone sends them out much sooner than that. Plus with food menus, caterers like to know 4-6 weeks before the day. Don’t forget to put RSVP dates on.



This is where you can create a full schedule for the day. From where everything is going to go, to how everything is going to move around right up until the time everyone goes home.

How to Plan a Wedding?

You always have a choice in your wedding planning, venues will suggest where they have the ceremony, where tables go. You can change that! There are many wedding traditions like wedding rings and what side the family sits on. You don’t have to follow any of them.

It’s your day, so do it your way!

If this is still very overwhelming for you, please get in touch I have power hours available to help guide you through the planning process. Or I can take care of this all for you leaving you to sit back and relax whilst the magic happens. Take a look at my packages here.

Thanks for reading

x Jodie x

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