To heel or not to heel? That is the question when it comes to thinking about your wedding day and the wedding outfit. When choosing or going for a fitting they suggest to take the type of shoe or height you will be wearing on the day so automatically you think heels height (I know I did!) But did you know heels are not the only way to go for your wedding and flats are in and they totally rock! So should you wear heels on your wedding day?

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To Heel

High heels are beautiful, dainty, make your calves pop and give you that extra bit of height, I know I get it! Even having an alternative wedding day you can get some awesome wedding shoes, which match your colour or theme. You don’t have to stick to white and it certainly doesn’t need to be designer. However if you’re anything like me and your high heel wearing days are long over, or heels are not your thing and they hurt your feet just looking at them, wearing heels on your wedding day is not a requirement.

Bespoke Shoes by Tippi May Bug

Not to Heel

You can choose to wear any type of shoes that make you feel comfortable and confident. You could opt for flats, sandals, trainers and boots for a more relaxed and comfortable experience. They do not have to be boring either! You can have them personilised, painted, choose a funky colour the possibilities are endless it is whatever makes you happy and comfortable. It can also be another way to make your wedding sustainable, as you could the wear them over and over again.

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Ultimately, it is your wedding day, and you should wear what makes you happiest.

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