You have started your wedding planning journey; you’ve got the budget, picked a date, chosen a theme and found the unique venue that matches your vibe for the day. But how do you pick the right wedding suppliers for you as a couple? There are so many out there that all look amazing, but where do you start?

An Alternative wedding planner

One way is to get yourself an alternative wedding planner. It is our job to be in the know of the who’s who in the wedding planning world. We are surrounded by like minded suppliers that we have either worked with on a real wedding or styled shoot before. We are networking with, done a wedding fayre with or have met over a cuppa.

I get asked quite a lot by suppliers to be added to my “little black book”, which is awesome. I love hearing from all different types of vendors. As an alternative wedding planner I get to meet and hear from some fricken cool ones too! But here’s the thing I don’t actually have one.

I always choose suppliers based on my couples wants, needs values and likes. As I get talking to my couples I’m usually sat there thinking ahhhhh I know who would be perfectly matched to you. If I don’t, I then find them. I will always use suppliers that are fully insured.

Alternative Wedding Planer

Do it together as a couple

Wedding suppliers aren’t just a checklist anymore; got my florist, tick! Got my stationer, tick! It’s all about the connection to that person, that you are putting all your trust in. That you are confident will come through for one of the most epic days of your life together.

There are many directories that have a list of suppliers, which you can narrow down by your area. This is a great place to start. Directories such as Unconventional Weddings and Quirky Weddings.

You can pick which ones speak out to you, check out their websites, read their about me page. How does it make you both feel? Are you getting excited? Follow them on their socials, do you feel their vibe? Get on a call with them, whether that be on zoom or in person, you will know very quickly if this is the supplier for you. Get them booked in!

If they aren’t the right fit for you don’t feel bad, it can happen. Just let them know, a simple email or message on their socials saying so. There are never any hard feelings, please don’t ghost them. A lot of time and effort goes into every call and email.


Wedding Fayres

Another good way to find the right wedding suppliers is going to a wedding fayre. There are loads locally from around October to May time. You can normally find them by typing in local wedding fayres/fairs into Google. This way you’re heading straight for the connection, who do you connect with? Who made an impression on you, that you can’t stop thinking about. Start smaller and in your niche, so you don’t get overwhelmed by lots of suppliers in the same category, a great one for this is The Quirky Wedding Fayre

Read all about if wedding fayres are worth going to here.



One of the best ways to pick the right wedding suppliers, is recommendations from family and friends. They can recommend the suppliers that went above and beyond their expectations for their weddings. This way you can get the inside scoop of who they worked well with and if they would use them again. If they have the same vibe you are looking for of course.

So to round up you can get online and start researching those wedding suppliers, get to a wedding fayre near you or hire a wedding planner to do all the hard work for you.

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Thanks for reading!

x Jodie x