It may come as no surprise on my blogs, taking about the lack of diversity in weddings we see daily on the internet. So Ross Willsher Photography and I got together to create a styled shoot using diverse models and wanted to share their stories of getting married in a white, cis-het dominated industry.

How did you find the Wedding Planning Process?

Collin & Andie: “Very simple we didn’t have an expensive wedding, we went off to the registry office and had a party.”

Angela: “I’m on my second marriage, I loved it, I’m a florist/event organiser so I found it easy, I knew exactly what I wanted.”

Tony: No you know what I was close to being married but I severed my bicep on our pre honeymoon, with my long term partner so we postponed it and just never got round to re-booking it.”

Laura: “Being nonbinary, I felt the only option for me getting married was a dress. I did end up in a dress, which I loved, however looking for something to wear was difficult because there is nothing wedding related specifically for non-gendered individuals. It is either a suit which is stereotypically masculine or a dress, which is considered feminine. There is nothing in the middle, that goes yes that’s wedding attire. It was a tear my hair out type of experience.

Damien: “I didn’t have an easy time because I wanted a purple suit, I ordered it online in the end. I am also nonbinary, but I present masculine most of the time as I feel it’s expected of me, especially at work.


Did you feel you were well represented in the Wedding Industry?

Andie: “At the time I don’t feel that I can remember, I didn’t look online it was a very simple day and we had a lot of family and friends help. But now in magazines or social media, I don’t see myself represented, I don’t see enough black people especially wheelchair users. I did a shoot the other day and they were uncomfortable with me using the chair.  There should be more black people and other abilities showcased there isn’t enough.”

Angela: “No absolutely not!”

Tony: “Not really no!”

Laura: “Absolutely not!”

Do you feel it’s got any better, the same or worse?

Collin: “I feel it’s the same.”

Angela: “The same, models are usually quite young. I can’t say I’ve seen any improvement.”


What changes would you like to see happen in the Wedding Industry?

Angela: “I want to see just everyday people, we all get married shorter, older, plus size! It would be lovely to see all representation in the wedding industry, which is whay I was so hapy to be asked to do this.”

Tony: “I would like to see more ages, diversity, sexuality on social media, I think it’s really important as when I think of a wedding shoot, I see very heterosexual, white, thin, nothing diverse. We do commercial modelling and I think seeing everyday people is so important as we reflect the real society.”

Laura: “It’s as simple as love is love and I’m so grateful that it’s legal for us to get married in this country, but there needs to be more fashion options and made more accessible.”

Damien: “Look at trends and see what people are actually wearing, we do not see us represented in the fashion industry, which in turn we then don’t see us in any wedding boutiques in high street shops.”


Top Tips for others getting married…

Angela: “Shop around, you don’t haven’t got to spend thousands and get your family and friends involved. Don’t let being on a budget put you off.”

Laura: “Do what you want, not what you think a wedding should be. Don’t let anybody, not your mum, dad, gran, sister, nobody say well that’s not how it’s done! This is your day, make it about you.”

Damien: “Make it about you, whatever you want, not what people tell you or what society thinks you should have.”

Wedding Suppliers

Venue: The Exchange, The Old Library, Walnut Tree Road, Erith DA8 1RS

Photographer: Ross WiIlsher Photography https://rosswillsherphotography.co.uk @rosswillsherphotography

Planner/Stylist: Ella Bella Weddings and Events https://ellabellaevents.co.uk


Wedding Outfits: Courtyard Bridal www.courtyard-bridal.com


Florist: Austin’s Flowers www.austinsflowers.co.uk


MUA: Leanne Perilly Make-up Artist www.leanneperilly.co.uk



Andie She/Her & Collin He/Him @andie556

Angela She/Her & Tony He/Him @angelaactress @tonycommercial

Laura & Damien They/Them @bazzapaps @thedeafpunk

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