What can we do to celebrate our Wedding Date?

Ah Covid-19 destroyer of wedding days and all other plans in our life!

You’ve had to postpone or cancel your alternative wedding multiple times and with the new road map released, you just missed out on the restrictions being lifted (if the data allows) so should you do something to commemorate the day? Hell yes!!! But what? What can we do to celebrate our wedding date?


Mini Ceremony at home

How about a mini ceremony? There are plenty of local, amazing celebrants in Essex and Suffolk, who can whip you up a personal service for you and your partner, you can film it on your phone with a self timer or do a zoom/facetime call with your nearest and dearest, so they can be part of it too.


Dress up and Party

Get dressed up in that frock you love and feel epic in, get that make up on, splash on your fav. perfume or even your specially bought perfume for the wedding, go nuts! Got your wedding dress sitting there? Wear it; you get to wear it again then.

Got that bottle of fizz hiding in the back of the cupboard? Crack it open and toast to yourselves, this was your day and no one’s taking it from you! It can still be an intimate and very unique day for the both of you.

Have a mini version of your wedding cake made. Have a nice dinner cooked for you from a takeaway restaurant service. Get on your favourite tunes and dance like no ones watching!


Go Get Married, on your wedding date!

Speak to you local registry office to see if and how they can accommodate you on your wedding date if restrictions allow and go get married! You can still have your wedding at a postponed or future date, with all your nearest and dearest and the big reception you were dreaming of, but if Covid-19 has taught us anything it’s about what is important in life and how you have to live every day to the fullest. It’s like a birth of a baby they don’t get registered on the day they were born.


Don’t let it be a sad day to remember and always keep that sense of humour. You’ve got this!

Above all stay home and keep safe.

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Thanks for reading

x Jodie x

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