Today on meet the supplier, I am very excited to be talking to Alex from AJTImages. An alternative wedding photographer who creates unique and alternative wedding photographs. Being an alternative wedding planner myself, these photos make me so happy.

So what got you into photography? Where did it all start?

2001, I had just moved out of home and was excited to start university. During my first weeks between all the socialising and fun, I happened upon a full wall of grainy 6”x4” photos documenting one students life. I knew I had to do something similar and from that moment I was hooked.

I would record every moment of my life with a nearly never-ending supply of disposable cameras. From there, I moved to a “proper” camera, discovered photoshop, and started to work  in studio photography.

Over the years I became a press photographer. This was very challenging and fast paced at times, but I got to meet lots of wonderful people on a daily basis. Sometimes the circumstances weren’t the best but I really enjoyed it.

In 2008 I photographed my first ever wedding in Mexico of all places! It was amazing. It was from there I found my path that would take me on the journey to where I am today.  My true love for photography was in weddings and I haven’t looked back. I now photograph around 40-50 weddings per year and I love it. 


What is your photography style?

If I had to describe my photographic style in three words, it would be unique, cinematic and natural. 

Unique, because I want my images to stand out. To be something bold and individual.

I have always preferred to follow my own style rather than follow the trends and it has allowed me to develop a personal style that is true to myself. Featuring a full range of tones with rich warm golden highlights like warm firelight flowing into deep midnight blue shadows like the ocean at night.

Cinematic because I draw a great deal of inspiration from film, especially Science Fiction and Fantasy. I love the escapism of these genres, the imagination and creativity that goes into them and they drive me to push myself.

I especially love setting the mood of an image with careful attention to lighting and colour, to give it that extra wow factor. 

Natural because no matter what the image or how it was created it is my goal for it to appear effortless. As if the moment simply happened and all I did was press the shutter button no matter whether that was the case or not.  


What do you love about weddings?

For me it’s all about the people, I love the smiles, the laughter, the dancing and the fun. I love seeing and capturing all the little stories that make up a wedding day. 

Moments like seeing the bride’s mother in the ceremony looking like she might overflow with pride and happiness and can’t help but cry as her daughter walks down the aisle. Or the grandad who spends the evening with a tie wrapped around his head while he dances with the children.  

I am privileged to capture those moments and more, to ensure every story of every wedding is told in full.


What is one of your most favourite weddings you have shot?

The wedding where Darth Vader flanked by stormtroopers blessed the couple. While a giant inflatable dinosaur struggled not to cry.

Doctor Who smiled and the pair of Jedi recorded the ceremony, totally unfazed by a Sith Lord in the same room.

The guest’s were a fantastic mix. At one table sat a range of Disney Princesses. At another a cluster of minions, while further on Woody sat with a baby Buzz Lightyear on their lap.

Everyone was in fancy dress, there were carnival games, a life size TARDIS to go with Doctor Who and exotic animal encounters providing some really alternative evening entertainment. In a word it was epic and greatly pleased my inner geek.

If you’d like to take a look at the images from this wedding you can do so here: https://ajtimages.com/caroline-and-rob/


What happens on the day? How do you work?

I’m a very relaxed and easygoing photographer. So for most of the day I’m recording the events of the day as it happens. However I’m also not the sort of photographer to spend the wedding hiding in the background pretending I’m not there.

Rather I prefer to get involved in the day, chat and interact with the guests and families, all while taking pictures. Before long I’ve gone from being the photographer to part of the furniture. Enabling me to capture more genuine moments as a result.

After the Ceremony and the immediate celebrations, I normally take the couple for 30 minutes to get some photos together. I like to keep these sessions as relaxed and fun as possible. With the goal of creating awesome, natural portraits at the forefront.

You’ll often find me laying on the floor for that perfect angle. Or on the dance floor capturing all those awesome dance moves. 


Your creative photos: Do you come up with the ideas or do your clients come to you with theirs?

Normally, my couples will reach out to me with things they love which fit a certain theme, such as Disney, Star Wars and Harry Potter or sometimes it’s a mash up of ideas that each of the couple love. 

I then create images with this as a base.  This involves a lot of brainstorming and drafting before the wedding and the creation sketches and concepts all build a vision in my mind, which I then work with on the day to set up the lighting and capture these shots. 

Several of my creative artworks have also been created from a spur of the moment inspiration, either on the day from a location or an interesting spot of light or from an image that would just work perfectly.

Like the Nightmare Before Christmas Artwork. The groom had mentioned in his speech how it was a favourite film of theirs, so from that I pulled them out to the car park, set up the shot and the magic was done in Photoshop. 

I love being able to make these all a little differently and having the flexibility to make unique artworks for each couple.


Do you travel?

Yes I love to travel to capture images for awesome couples across the UK. I’m regularly traveling to weddings up and down the country,  especially if the couple want some of the creative photos or if there’s cake! I love cake! 


What sort of investment are we making?

My most popular package is the full-day digital package for £995 which includes photography from preparation to first dance and also offers the opportunity to add albums, printed products  and extra hours as needed.

I do have other packages available, all details are on my website. 


How can we book you?

If you like my style and think I’d be a good fit for your wedding day then please do get in touch via one of the links below:

Please do get in touch either through my website at www.ajtimages.com facebook www.facebook.com/ajtimages or instagram www.instagram.com/ajtimages 

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Thanks for reading

x Jodie x

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