When it comes to wedding favours there are loads of ideas you can give your guests; gifts that tie in with your theme, items that remind your guests of you and your partner, donations in their name to a local charity or just something that takes your fancy. Here are some wedding favour ideas for your awesome day.

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Where did favours come from?

The tradition of wedding favours can be traced back to the 16th century. The original wedding favour, was a small box made of porcelain, crystal, or precious metals. Inside the box, sugared almonds or other sweets were placed as a gesture of gratitude towards wedding guests. These gifts symbolised fertility and good luck.

Today, wedding favours are given as tokens of appreciation to guests for attending your celebration. They come in various forms, ranging from customised chocolates to candles, keychains, mini plants, and numerous other items that couples choose to express their gratitude and commemorate their special day.

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Wedding Favour Ideas

The list is endless and you can get really creative.

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Saying No To Tradition

But if favours are not that important to either of you and you don’t feel you want them, you do not have to have them as after all they are another wedding tradition you do not need to follow. It is your personal preference and they may not be a priority in your budget. It’s your day, do it your way!

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