I have a love/hate type of relationship with Pinterest, well with any type of social media/search engine if I’m being totally honest. It can be great because it offers you a huge source for inspiration and ideas for every part of your wedding day. It can help you decide the look and overall theme of the day with mood boards and pins. Which you can share with your suppliers, so you’re all on the same page. But Pinterest can be a bad idea for weddings and here is why:

  1. It can cause overwhelm in the wedding planning process, with too many ideas, colours and themes. The already stressful part of planning a wedding has now skyrocketed, as you are comparing your ideas to others and thinking you haven’t brought or done enough.
  2. Pinterest can create unrealistic expectations. Some wedding inspiration could be very budget unfriendly that it can cause disappointment when you approach your wedding supplier with the ideas, not realising that it could cost thousands and put you over your wedding budget before you have even begun. Especially with AI images popping up everywhere, something you could be seeing may not even be real.
  3. Again, you could find yourself going over budget as the must haves of Pinterest cause you to feel pressured into having more decor and details than you need. I have even seen couples completely change their colour scheme halfway through the wedding planning process causing overspending and more stress.

It’s not all doom and gloom

If you find yourself in the doom scroll of Pinterest, bring it back to you and your partner. Your priorities for the day, the wants and likes you started out with, you don’t need all the things. Your day will be perfect just as it is, for you both.

It’s your day, do it your way!

Thanks for reading

x Jodie x

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