A question I see getting asked quite a lot recently on wedding pages on social media is; Should we feed our wedding photographer? I’m not going to lie some of the answers I have seen are quite disheartening. Your photographer will be there on the day, in some cases for ten hours or more on their feet. Making sure they capture your memories of your special day. The one thing that you will have left over from your wedding day for years to come. So yes! Absolutely yes, you should feed your photographer and any other suppliers that are there on the day, all day.

But Why?

They will spend time getting to know you both, providing you with all the details and answering any questions you have all the way up to the day and beyond. You may have a free engagement shoot with your package. They will be there the morning of when you are getting ready. Helping you with any mishaps, as they’ve seen it all before and know how to fix it. I know of some photographers that carry an emergency bag like us wedding planners do, to make sure they can help with anything that may have been forgotten or needs putting back together quickly.

They capture not only the shots you’ve asked for, but the ones you didn’t know you needed, the way your partner looks at you when you are walking down the aisle. The way you both look at each other when your celebrant announces you are now married. The emotion in your grandparents eyes, whilst watching you two together. Making you both feel confident behind the camera if its not natural to you. Helping you stand the best way to make the most of the lighting. Making you feel epic on your day and then reliving it all over again when you get the photos back.

Having a hot meal and drinks throughout the day, will help them stay energised, focused and hydrated. It’s a polite gesture to show appreciation for their hard work and ensure they have a good experience working at your wedding.


It’s not just about taking photos anymore

They are on hand to help you and make sure you both have the best day possible. That is what all the wedding suppliers working on your wedding day, want for you. Which is why it is one of the best industries to work in because we all want that for you. We as suppliers get to know you, your likes and wants for your day, better than some of your guests and we do feel sad when the wedding is all said and done, as we have got to know you over the past (sometimes) two years. It’s not just a job to us, to make ends meet it’s our passion, our joy and we give it our all. This is not a 9 to 5 that we forget about when we go home we breathe it 24/7.

Yes, they can provide their own lunch box. Yes, they are being paid to provide a service. But are you getting their absolute 100% and some for your wedding day? Yes! Have they been on the feet all day with no breaks? Yes! Does their job finish once the wedding day is done? No! They then spend hours editing your photos. Taking out that bright red fire extinguisher, making sure the guests eyes are open. Making you look the best version of yourself on one of the most memorable days of your lives and I think that alone deserves a hot meal!

It doesn’t have to be another huge expense, caterers and venues often offer a discounted rate for a suppliers meal, so have a chat with them. The photographer will be so grateful for that break and that hot meal.

Thanks for reading

x Jodie x

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