Your wedding day is sure to be fun and unique. From the nervous moments before the ceremony to the last dance at your reception, you’ll most likely be wearing the same outfit, shoes and jewellery (unless you have an outfit change up your sleeve!). With this in mind, there are certain essentials worth having with you. So grab your emergency bag and make sure you pack these 8 Things you may need on your wedding day.


Safety pins can always save the day when you least expect it. Make sure you’ve got a couple of those with you if any wardrobe malfunctions occur! On a similar note, a travel-sized sewing kit and double-sided tape are also advisable if a tear, pop or split happens.

Tuck some spare hair pins and hairbands into your bag, too. No matter what hairstyle you’ve opted for, don’t let an unexpected gust of wind ruin your wedding photos. It’s always a good idea to pop a packet of wet wipes in to deal with any makeup smudges, too.


There’s nothing more annoying than trying to ignore excruciatingly sore feet. Tackle any pesky blisters head on with some handy compeed patches. Speaking of unwanted pains and niggles, remember to chuck some paracetamol or ibuprofen in your bag!

Finally, deal with drooping lashes and nail emergencies swiftly by packing nail glue, lash glue and clear nail varnish (which double as a lifesaver with laddered tights, too!).

Your Welcome 😉

Don’t forget if you hire a wedding planner they will have all this and more in their emergency kit, so you don’t have to worry.

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