You’ve made the decision you could really do with a wedding planner in Suffolk. You are just far too busy; you have no idea where to start, organising and making lists is just not your thing! But how much does a wedding planner cost?

Full Planning

For full planning, some wedding planners will charge between 10%-15% of your overall budget. With a minimum fee starting around £3000. Some wedding planners have a set hourly fee. Always take a look at their websites.

Why so much I hear you ask? Well let’s break it down, it takes 250 hours for a couple to plan their wedding, a wedding planner on average can do it in 150 hours, which means they will get £20 – £30 an hour if you look at it that way.

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wedding planner in suffolk


But you are not just paying for a planners time. Time spent on the computer researching the best venues for you, site visits, unlimited phone calls to you and all the suppliers. Organising all the paperwork, the budget, the timeline and the layout of the day. You will have their extensive list of trusted suppliers and most importantly their expertise in the industry, your wedding planner will have been on many training courses to know what they do and their experience in organising weddings.



A wedding planner will save you money in the long run. Once receiving your budget we can help prioritise the things that mean the most to you and your partner and then allocate your money to all aspects of your day. We can make sure you are receiving the best price from all the suppliers on your behalf and some wedding planners do not take commission from any suppliers. (All wedding planners that are a member of The UKAWP do not take commission).

The bigger budget you have, the more guests you have. Meaning more tables, more centre pieces, more food and so on. Therefore more work for the wedding planner to do.


On the Day Management

For on the day management prices can range from £900-£1,800. But your wedding planner won’t just be there on the day, they would have met up with you a couple of months before, gone through all your suppliers, your timeline and made sure you hadn’t missed anything important. They will be the main contact for your guests and suppliers and then they will be there on the day for ten hours or more, making sure your day runs smoothly, to the timeline and sort any problems that may arise on the day.


So you may be thinking wedding planners are a huge commitment, but they aren’t as big as the commitment you are taking with your partner. In America and Australia a wedding planner is the first thing they book and it’s strange not to have one! Our top priority is making sure you have the day of your dreams.

Head over to my blog on why you should hire a wedding planner next.

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