Wedding Checklist with a Difference

Wedding checklist with a difference

There are countless wedding checklists scattered all over Pinterest, starting with what needs to be booked a year in advance, all the way up to what needs organising right before the big day.


Even if you want a completely laid back and alternative day, there are still a few big things you need to make sure you’ve organised. They ultimately boil down to:

  • Venue for both the ceremony and the reception
  • Church, Civil Ceremony or Celebrant Led
  • Rings
  • Outfits (wedding dress, or whatever you’re opting for)
  • Food and drink
  • Music
  • Your guest list

What isn’t often said is everything else, from the cake to the flowers, is completely up to you. Don’t worry too much about getting bogged down with executing the perfect traditional wedding. Opt for a pork pie cake and tattooed wedding rings – whatever your heart truly wants.

What’s most important is that your personalities shine through throughout the day. You should be feeling happy, at ease and enjoying your celebration and not feeling like you’ve paid big money for something that isn’t really you, what you had dreamed of, or even wanted in the first place.


Don’t be afraid to be brutal. If anything doesn’t light you up inside, cut it out. The thought of speeches make you want to crawl into a hole? Don’t bother with them. Don’t fancy a slow dance in front of everyone? Scrap the first dance.

Ultimately the only thing that should be on your wedding checklist is creating a day that’s true to you both. Your day, your way.


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x Jodie x